The Colonial Restaurant
8790 Wards Road
Rustburg, VA 24588

2.5 Yums
Family Friendly

The Colonial Restaurant, which is also a motel, has long been a go-to in Central Virginia for Southern dining. The country restaurant in addition to southern cooking includes a small store area which offers crafts, books and art from local artisans. The seating area is divided in three sections, the diner style bar fitted with stools, the open seating area and the private dining area.

In the past, we have very much enjoyed the Colonials breakfast menu and to this day credit then for introducing us to Cheesy Grits. However, on this visit we joined them for dinner. We dined on a whole barbecued chicken, black eyed peas, fried potatoes with onions and a cold-cut Virginia Ham adorned with cheese, lettuce and tomato with sides of salad coleslaw and potato salad. It really doesn’t get much more Southern than this. The chicken plate alone could have fed a whole family and with frugal prices like these, there is a reason the Colonial stays busy. The other reason, you may have guessed is the pie! No respectable road side Southern diner serves anything less than remarkable pie. The Colonial will go down in our books as Lynchburg’s Pie Oasis. They were already sold out of their favorites, Chocolate and Coconut, but to our pleasure they still had Pecan Pie and Lemon Pie. Both boasted the buttery flaky deliciousness of a homemade pie crust. The Pecan is covered in roasted caramelized pecans and the filling is delightfully gooey and not gelatinous. The Lemon Cream Pie is bright, tart and covered in a light Meringue. This is how pie is done and done well!

We will definitely look forward to future visits to the Colonial and more sampling a of their pie options!

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