Whoopie Pies

Bill’s Pastry Shop

 414 Bay Street

 Lynchburg, VA 24501



Bill’s Pastry has long been a part of Lynchburg’s culinary landscape;  originally in the 1950s and serving sweet treats to locals since that time. Bill’s recently underwent a change in ownership, but kept its historic name and have now been reopened for business for two months. It is with this history and the thought of a new edible adventure that we chose them for our next review.

We decided to attempt the Whoopie Pies, as they are advertised outside, and after some persistence at the counter we received an additional recommendation for their cream puffs. Our order included two Whoopie pies, a Pumpkin and Mocha and a cream puff. The Pumpkin Whoopie Pie had a nice subtle pumpkin flavor and cream cheese filling which was delightful. The Mocha Whoopie Pie had a moist cake with a good strong coffee-chocolate flavor and its mocha filling was quite tasty. We would definitely recommendd the Mocha Whoopie Pie!

If you are a fan of Whoopie Pie then it will be well worth your visit to the historic Bill’s Pastry just off of Fort Avenue.


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