Assortment of Pastries from Chestnut Hill Bakery

Chestnut Hill Bakery

5216 Fort Ave.

Lynchburg, VA 24502


3 Yums
Take Out Only

Chestnut Hill Bakery has long been known to Lynchburgers and recently re-opened under new management. The bakery is located in the Chestnut Hill area just beyond the fork of Wards Road and Fort Avenue. If you are lucky to visit while they are baking the sheet cakes, an aromatic ambrosia fills the store and you will never want to leave. Chestnut Hill offers cakes, rolls, pastries, cookies, and what they are best known for is their honey buns, cream-filled oatmeal cookies and pies.

 Pictured above are the Honey Bun, Cream-filled Oatmeal Cookies, Filled Pastry and a Raspberry Long John. Trust me, if you had smelled the sheet cakes, you wouldn’t have been able to pick just one either and the prices at Chestnut Hill are so fantastic you won’t have to pick just one. The pastries were all delicious and worthy of a review in their own right, but today we focus our attention on the Honey Bun and Cream-filled Oatmeal Cookie.

 If “honey bun” causes you to imagine a gelatinous, round roll packed in cellophane and sold in a gas station, then Chestnut Hill will reinvent the experience for you. The honey bun is delicately sweetened with honey and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. We recommend eating as many as it takes to banish the former idea of a honey bun from your mind. The butter cream-filled oatmeal cookie was so rich that we recommend taking a friend to split the cookie with or lure in a new friend with this wonderfully cream-filled cookie. The oatmeal cookies are all the things oatmeal cookies should be: dense, grainy, fall-apart soft, and in addition layered with a thick, buttery cream.

In a word, Chestnut Hill Bakery is delicious!

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