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Gud Timz Hookah Bar and Lounge
17912 Forest Rd.
Forest, VA 24551

3 Yums
Date Night/Night on the Town

If you are in the mood for something off the beaten path, then you will find what you are looking for at Gud Timz (GT). This hookah lounge and Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant provides unique dining and cuisine options, not to mention that this is one of the very few local restaurants that provide vegan dining and late-night dining. Other amenities include free wi-fi, a dance floor, and a full calendar of events including belly dancing night.

Upon entrance the adventure has already begun – aroma of hookah greets patrons in the dimly-lit room filled with colorful mood lamps and sporadic laser lights synced to the DJ platform. Vast low sitting dining locations encompass the bar and provide locations for hookah use or dining.

hookah2The options are seemingly endless! In addition to the full hookah menu, there is a full bar, smoothie bar and café. Dishes include Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine which offer vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous options.  We sampled from the vegan options: The House Sampler, and from the omnivorous options: Awaze Tibs (lamb in berebere sauce). Please do use proper hand hygiene and be prepared to experience your dish with all of your senses, particularly gustatory, olfactory, and tactile. The appropriate way to eat your meal is to simply use your fingers!

The House Sampler is served on injera, which is textured risen flat bread with a spongy texture. Patrons will tear pieces of the injera and use this to grab food on their plate. Atop the injera is hearty Eritrean spiced Tumtomo (an earthy lentil based purée), Humali (a collard green, spinach combination), and vegetarian Allicha and Shiro (spices peas, tomatoes and onions). The Eritrean Shiro is a decidedly savory favorite which pairs beautifully with the injera. For omnivores, the Kilwa Begee (lamb) is a delicious option and served to your preference of spice, accompanied by salad and served atop injera.

For a rare late-night out on the town, a unique experience, or an insatiable desire to enjoy all that life has to offer, Gud Timz fulfills expectations and provides the perfect culinary and entertainment backdrop for the adventurous!