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After the catastrophic storms hit our area and the subsequent mournful loss of everything in our refrigerators, it is with renewed ambition that we fill our freezers and refrigerators with the seasonal and lovingly grown. It is my upmost pleasure to bring updated reminders about what is currently in season  and at the best prices in beautiful Central Virginia. It is with the hope that we are delving into fresh seasonal cooking, not just for health benefits, but for the glorious and nectarous taste that can only come from “just from the farm” freshness.

While apples are just becoming available in some areas, this season belongs to the blackberry, plum and peaches!

*pyo = Pick your own



Morris Orchard – Blackberries and Peaches

226 Tobacco Row Lane
Monroe, VA 24574

Blackberries 2.95 per pound
Peaches: $8.95 per 5-6 pounds


Gross’ Orchard – Peaches Blackberries and Plums

6817 Wheat’s Valley Road
Bedford, VA 24523

White and Yellow Peaches: $8 per ½ pyo peck or  $24 per box with ½ price option for an additional box.
Blackberries $4.99 per quart
Plums:  $4.99 per quart



Scott’s Strawberry Farm – Blackberries and Cantaloupe

(Best price  for blackberries)

5234 Joppa Mill Road
Bedford, VA 24523

Blackberries: $ 3 per pyo quart
Cantaloupes $2.50

Skinnell’s Orchards – Peaches and Blueberries

4455 Shingle Block Road
Bedford, VA 24523

Blueberries: $3 quart
Peaches: $28 per bushel


Nelson County

Critzer Family Farm – Peaches Blackberries and Plums

9388 Critzer Shop Road
Afton, VA. 22920

Peaches: (no prices available)
Blackberries: (no prices available)
Plums: (no prices available)


Dickie Brothers Orchard – Peaches, Blackberries and Plums

2552 Dickie Road
Roseland, VA. 22967

Peaches: Premium $1 per pound, and Seconds .50 per pound
Blackberries: $4.50 per quart
Plums: $1.50 per pound


Hill Top Berry Farm & Winery - Blackberries

2800 Berry Hill Road
Nellysford, VA 22938

Blackberries: $4.75 quart