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Blue Collar Joe's

Blue Collar Joe’s

1171 Roanoke Rd.

Daleville, VA 24083

Worth the Drive
4 Yums


Blue Collar Joe’s is a profoundly unique donut shop in Daleville, Virginia, and so worth the drive. Owners Pru and Daniel Knight have created a sort of donut paradise within a renovated gas station. Many of you may have seen their reviews in articles or on the Food Network and let me say, they are all true!

The donuts are prodigious and include flavors such as Caramel Apple Pie, Chai Spice Cake, Nutty Buddy, Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake, Piña Colada, S’mores and so many more. Blue Collar Joe’s additionally offers coffees and wraps, but we were there for thier donuts. It was hard to narrow our review as there were so many outstanding donuts, but two stood out above the others for the Lynchburg Eats team. We finally chose the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast and the Boston Cream Pie.

The Boston Cream Pie is a light cake donut in the traditional style with a hole in the center, and the donut is actually filled with creamy custard and then glazed with rich, velvety chocolate. I’m not going to begin to theorize on how they filled this donut, but I am so grateful that they did because it was amazing.

Then there was the unique Blueberry Pancake Breakfast. It is a blueberry donut covered with a maple icing and topped with smoked bacon. Yes, you read it right, bacon!  It is a full breakfast in a donut and as unusual as it sounds, it works. This is a good donut!

Additionaly, Blue Collar Joe’s gives right back to our furry homeless friends in Central Virginia. The store’s namesake refers to a dog that left its print on the owners’ lives. Invested in their community and exotic and amazing donuts, who could pass up Blue Collar Joe’s? They are every bit worth the drive and worth the highest ranking of 4 Yums!